Weekly  Metrics

VitalSigns is the weekly reporting system for the Vital Congregations program of The United Methodist Church. Each church in the conference enters key information every week.  The information is compiled and used to generate reports for the missional purposes of the local church, district, conference and denomination. 
The VitalSigns Dashboard is a tool developed by Brick River through GCFA. This tool allows you to track your weekly worship attendance, professions of faith, small group participation, missional participation and financial giving for your congregation. It is a tool designed to help congregations follow their progress on the goals that they set for each year, based upon the goal-setting challenge initiated by the Vital Congregations work. It is in response to the Call To Action to focus on fostering and sustaining an increase in the number of vital congregations effective in the mission of The United Methodist Church. To learn more about this tool, watch the video above and/or review the information located on this page. (VitalSigns Resources,

Quick Reference


  • Users

    • Pastors and designated local church officials
    • District and conference boards, agencies, committees
    • Episcopal office, conference and district staff
  • Login to VitalSigns

    • Churches receive an email each Sunday night with a link to directly open their specific data pages without needing to enter their login information.
    • Dashboard logins may alternatively be used to access the system.
  • Forgotten Password Retrieval

    • On the Login Screen, click "Resend My Email." 
    • For assistance contact Bill Lawson,, 270-527-8758.
  • Registration

  • Key Features

    • Filing page
    • Graphical and text reports
    • Automatic calculation of year-to-date averages and totals
    • Automatic inclusion of totals in the EZRA annual statistical reports
  • For Information & Assistance