grace place umc 10-year anniv celebration 20178-10-2017

2017 memphis annual conference6-1-2017

2015 Memphis Annual Conference6-4-2015

Northside UMC (Jackson) Breakfast Honoring Law Enforcement5-29-2015

FIRE - Trinity UMC, Brownsville, TN, Jan. 7, 20151-7-2015

2014 (Sept.) Paducah District Mission Blitz12-4-2014

2014 South Sudan - Volunteers in Mission (VIM)11-5-2014

C3 Ministries at Lambuth Memorial UMC, Jackson, TN, Summer 20149-11-2014

Seven Levers Workshop, Aug. 20148-25-2014

Bear Your Heart for Art contest, Aug. 20148-21-2014

Fish Fry, UMM, April 20146-17-2014

Women's Conference - Ross, Hughlett, Lighthouse UMCs, April 20146-17-2014

2014 Memphis Annual Conference6-1-2014

Church Communications: 10 Things, 4-24-145-1-2014

Grace Place UMC 20144-15-2014

Valentine's Day Dinner-Dance 2014, Northside UMC, Jackson, TN2-25-2014

Generative Leadership Academy, Jan. 20142-23-2014

Youth Ministry Meeing, 2-15-14, Jackson, TN2-18-2014

Team Read, Germantown UMC, Germantown, TN2-4-2014

A Call for All, Jackson District, 11-3-131-16-2014

Coon Hunters Looking Up For Christ12-9-2013

Young People's Message, Jeremy Holland, 201110-7-2013

Youth Fest at Center UMC10-7-2013

Historical Photos10-7-2013

Archived Churches & Ministries10-7-2013

WHO IS MY NEIGHBOR? Spiritual Growth Event with Dr. Doug Meeks10-7-2013

Wesley Foundation - University of Tennessee - Martin10-7-2013


UofM Lambuth Campus Flag Raising10-7-2013

UMW Christian Mission Education Event (CMEE), July 201210-7-2013

UMM Fish Fry, April 16, 2013, Archers Chapel UMC, Frog Jump, TN10-7-2013

UMM Annual Meeting and Fish Fry, April 17, 2012, Archers Chapel UMC10-7-2013

Storm Damage in Jackson District (Jan. 29-30, 2013) and Cleanup10-7-2013

Storm Damage, Ballard Co. KY, 2-29-1210-7-2013

Service Celebrating Assignment of Bishop William T. (Bill) McAlilly10-7-2013

St. Paul UMC/UMW Fashion Show, Oct. 1, 201110-7-2013

Scouting awards at 2011 Memphis Annual Conference10-7-2013

Spring 2011 Storm Damage, Gibson County10-7-2013

St. Matthew's UMC 201210-7-2013

Rachel Held Evans event, Aug. 25, 201210-7-2013

Scoopetition - fundraiser for Reelfoot Rural Ministries by Obion County, TN UM churches, Sept. 10, 201110-7-2013

Recording session at 2012 General Conference10-7-2013

Resurrection Dance Paducah 201110-7-2013

Passion 2013, Atlanta, GA10-7-2013

PET Memphis, 201110-7-2013

Pre-General Conference News Briefing, Tampa, FL, Jan. 201210-7-2013

Project 20/20 eyeglasses and sunglasses10-7-2013

P.U.M.P. preconference youth event10-7-2013

Nashville Area Fall Retreat, Sept. 201210-7-2013

Nov. 3, 2011 Marjorie Thompson event, Jackson, TN10-7-2013

McKenzie, TN Storm 9-5-1210-7-2013

Memphis Conference Local Pastor Licensing School, Feb. 201210-7-2013

Miriam Daycare Center10-7-2013

Grace Place UMC worship service, Feb. 16, 201310-7-2013

Harvest Dinner, Ripley First UMC, Nov. 10, 201110-7-2013

General Conference 2012 - Tampa, FL10-7-2013

Flooding Memphis April May 201110-7-2013

Debris cleanup, March 3, 2012, Paducah District10-7-2013

Exploratory VIM trip to Costa Rica by Paris District May 201110-7-2013

Faith Night, Ellendale UMC, 201110-7-2013

FACT report meeting, Dec. 12, 201210-7-2013

Fish Fry UMM 201110-7-2013

Confirmation Retreat II, Lakeshore, March 22-24, 201310-7-2013

CrossLink International - Memphis10-7-2013

Costa Rica VIM Trip, Dec 201110-7-2013

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd, St. John's UMC, 201110-7-2013

Conversation: Retired Clergy & Bishop McAlilly10-7-2013

Conflict Resolution (Mediation) Workshop, Aug. 20, 2011, Jackson, TN10-7-2013

Brownsville District Laity Gathering, Aug. 25, 201210-7-2013

Campamento Espiritu (Camp Spirit) June 2011, Lakeshore10-7-2013

Camp Joy at Lakeshore, June 201310-7-2013

Cleaning Bucket Relay Race10-7-2013

Bishop Ben Chamness, Jackson, TN, Sept. 18, 201110-7-2013

Archives, Memphis Conference Oct. 201210-7-2013

Bishop Chamness, Paducah, KY, Oct. 9, 201110-7-2013

9-19-13 Conference: Congregations Taking Action Against Alcohol and Substance Misuse10-7-2013

2012 Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference10-7-2013

Artisans on a Mission, St. John's UMC, Memphis10-7-2013

'Women's Month,' March 2012, Centenary UMC, Memphis10-7-2013

2011 Memphis Annual Conference10-7-2013

'Building 429' Concert, June 4, 2011, Paducah, KY10-7-2013

"Beware of Christians" documentary movie event,10-7-2013

2013 Memphis Annual Conference10-7-2013

2012 Memphis Annual Conference10-7-2013

"Stuffed Sacks and Stitchery" Black History Needle Work Show at Centenary UMC, Memphis, Feb. 12, 201210-7-2013

"Be a Whirlwind of Love" artwork10-7-2013