Maanza a Leza

01 - Life in the village

is especially tough for girls, who often carry out their chores while carrying a sibling on their backs. One of Maanza's goals is to have day care in the village, is to have day care in the village, so that girls can spend more time studying.

02 - The original classroom.


03 - Maanza donated desks,

which gave students a surface for taking notes during class.

04 - The entire village celebrated the dedication of the new classrooms.

05 - After graduation from college and her master's program,

Muka Kambol helps her brothers and sisters with their tuition.

06 - Mary, the matriarch of the village,

says that young girls like her granddaughter now have an option to early marriages.

07 - Villagers put the sweat equity into the new classrooms.

Bricks were fired in the village's kilns, and water was toted from the well to mix the mortar.

08 - Maanza volunteers have raised money for equipment and materials

by bearing and selling hand-crafted jewelry at craft fairs and church gatherings.

09 - This young girl was the first in the village to attend preschool.

10 - Soccer can bring joy to an entire village.

These youth whooped with joy when dozens of soccer balls were unloaded during Maanza's 2014 visit to Sichebeya.

11 - Maanza currently has sponsors for one college student and for 12 students who attend middle school and high school.

It could use additional sponsors and co-sponsors for the fall and spring terms.

12 - This youth plans to study accountancy in college,

with the support of Maanza donors.

13 - 2. Teacher housing like this must be built

before a teacher can be recruited to work at the Sichibeya school.

14 - Brenda Carson and Debi Gray

market Maanza jewelry at annual conference.

Volunteers from Maanza visited the village in 2014.

The headmaster pulled Debi Gray into a spontaneous dance of joy when suitcases of school supplies were unpacked