TOWNSLEY, Marie Roney Moultrie

TOWNSLEY, Marie Roney Moultrie (widow of Rev. John Ray Moultrie) died Oct. 22. The funeral was Oct. 24 in Obion County, TN.

COKE, Norman C.

COKE Norman C. (retired associate member) died Sept. 10.. The funeral was Sept 14 in Nashville. 

BECK, Robert K.

BECK Robert K. (retired local pastor) died Sept. 9. The funeral was Sept. 11 in Selmer, TN.

Lawrence, Joe B.

LAWRENCE Joe B, (interim supply pastor) died Aug. 3. The funeral was Aug. 6 in Calloway County, KY.  

Smith, Lockie

SMITH Lockie (widow of Rev. Henry A. Smith) died July 23. The funeral was July 26 in Henry County, TN.

Campbell, John Travis

CAMPBELL John Travis (retired elder) died July 12. The funeral was July 16 in Covington, TN.

Little, Jeannie

LITTLE Jeannie (wife of Rev. Bruce Little) died July 4. The funeral was July 8  in Jackson, TN. (Rev. Bruce Little serves Center UMC in Gadsden, TN in the Brownsville District. He is retired from the Mississippi Conference.)

Pugh, John

PUGH John (retired elder) died June 26. The funeral was July 1 in McKenzie, TN. 

Jeffrey, Ed Frank

JEFFREY. Ed Frank (retired elder) died June 15.

SHANKLIN, Ravia Layne

SHANKLIN, Ravia Layne (retired elder) died Feb. 11. Funeral service was Feb. 23 in Latham, Tenn.

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