When technology is not available, pastor turns to outdoor visiting to be relational with members of Floyd's Chapel and Maury City UMCs


Mary Ellen Cochran (top left and lower left photos) stands outside members' homes while she visits and offers prayer during the COVID-19 pandemic. Members stand on their porches with healthy social distance. (Submitted photos)

How does a pastor reach his or her congregation in a relational way during COVID-19 when some members don’t have access to more sophisticated technology?
Rev. Mary Ellen Cochran, pastor of Maury City and Floyd’s Chapel United Methodist Churches in Crockett County in the Mississippi River District, is making house visits (outside), while practicing social distancing.
Cochran lets members know the date and approximate time she’ll be in their neighborhood. First on her list have been those who live alone or have health issues.
“I call when I get to their home and have them come outside,” explained Cochran. “We keep our social distance, but I visit with them and have prayer. Then I move on to the next family.”
Cochran said these visits have been “so rewarding” and are helping her understand members’ situations.
“God has blessed us with the opportunity to slow down and take time!” she said.


How is your Memphis Conference church/congregation adjusting & adapting to social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic? What new ways have you found to worship, share devotions & hold Bible study? How are you continuing to serve & reach out to your community? What new technologies are you learning & embracing to communicate & maintain your connection? Share your stories & pictures! Any word count is acceptable, but 100 to 200 words is ideal. Please include who, what, when, where, why & how. Email communications@memphis-umc.org

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