United Methodist volunteers sought for criminal offender reintegration program in Memphis


The Mark Luttrell Transition Center (Tennessee Department of Correction) is located at 6000 State Road in Memphis, Tennessee. (MLTC website photo)

The Mark Luttrell Transition Center (MLTC) in Memphis, Tennessee, is looking for eager United Methodist volunteers to participate in its criminal offender reintegration program.

James Armes, provisional elder in the Memphis Conference and volunteer coordinator and chaplain at MLTC, said many United Methodist churches donate to the center, but no United Methodists are consistently involved in this ministry opportunity.

According to its website, MLTC provides up to 454 offenders with supportive living arrangements, while equipping them with social and vocational skills to successfully re-enter society. 

Armes said he hopes volunteers will rally to provide religious and secular programming for its residents, including Bible studies, worship services, parenting and family skills, social skills, financial management, anger management and job readiness. 

More importantly, Armes said he seeks volunteers “willing to offer mentorship, friendship, and encouragement that transcend the theological perspective of simply ‘saving souls.’”

Armes equates the freedom offered by Jesus Christ as a model for rehabilitating criminal offenders.

“My goal is [that]…volunteers are able to share the transformative love and grace of Jesus with these men so that they might be empowered to obtain permanent freedom and live a productive and positive life when they are released,” he said.

Any volunteer must complete an online application, a National Crime Information Center application and attend a four-hour training. A criminal record does not exclude applicants from volunteer opportunities.

For more information on MLTC and upcoming training dates, contact James Armes at james.a.armes@tn.gov or call 901-531-1889.