Two Metro District churches gave away 7,500 ears of free corn to neighbors in their communities


Members of New Bethel and Piperton United Methodist Churches in the Metro District joined forces to harvest and give away free corn to their communities. (Photos by Debbie Daubenhauser)

By Debbie Daubenhauser, Piperton United Methodist Church

Members and friends of New Bethel United Methodist Church in Rossville, Tennessee, and Piperton United Methodist Church in Piperton, Tennessee (both in the Metro District), gathered at New Bethel on July 7 to celebrate the arrival of their charge’s new pastor, Donna Spencer, and her mom Eileen. 

Part of the delicious meal included fresh sweet corn grown by Ray Thomas, a member of New Bethel. Thomas happened to mention to Spencer that when his corn is ready to be harvested, whatever he can’t give away (yes, he gives it away!) is wasted.  

From this conversation spawned the greatest outreach mission event these two churches have ever undertaken. That evening a member received permission from Rossville Mayor Judy Watters to set up in the town square and give away the corn. 

Bags for the corn were ordered and labels printed. In just two days members and friends came together, made signs, banners, labels and informational inserts for the bags. 

Some members set out for the cornfield on Tuesday evening, July 9, and pulled approximately 4,000 ears of corn. By 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, July 10,, members and friends gathered in Rossville and began to distribute every single ear of corn to passersby.

On Friday, July 12, members and friends gathered at Piperton UMC with a trailer full of approximately 3,500 more ears of corn and, once again, began welcoming passersby to drive through and pick up one or more bags of fresh sweet corn. 

Pastor Donna greeted everyone at the driveway entrance even during the period of heavy rain we had.