Summary of electronic and digital communication stats from 2018 Memphis Annual Conference:


Below are some digital and electronic communication statistics from the 2018 Memphis Annual Conference, held Sunday through Tuesday, June 3-5, 2018, in Paducah, KY.

The orientation video (6 min/18 sec) (find it here) accessible to everyone, but especially produced for delegates (first-time and seasoned), had 652 views.
The 2018 Memphis Annual Conference information page on the Memphis Conference website ( had 16,352 views between early January and mid July. This includes 2,538 links to/views of Bishop Bill McAlilly’s June 19 report (on his blog) about the final vote on the intent to form a new conference.
Between April 1 and July 17, the Memphis Conference mobile app (find it here) had: 

  • 6,226 total page views
  • 1,523 page views on Monday, June 4
  • 100 page views (average) per day in the in weeks before & after June 4 
The live stream broke down as follows: 
  • Sunday - Carson Center: 195 views
  • Monday - Carson Center: 728 views
  • Monday - Broadway United Methodist Church: 371 views
  • Monday - 1099 total views
  • Tuesday - Carson Center: 441 views
  • Total streaming views: 1,735
  • Estimated unique viewers: 500
Photographs include an edited collection of 202 images throughout the three days of the annual conference and 106 images taken of delegates and visitors at the photo booth/backdrop.

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