SLI: Here is info about Memphis Conference method for developing spiritual leaders & leading ministries


By Lane Gardner Camp, Director of Communications

SLI is a three-letter abbreviation that has been heard in the Memphis Conference now for about five years.The bishop and cabinet, districts, Connectional Ministries office, many churches and ministries have organized and positioned SLI groups and teams. And more are in the works.

If you have not yet been a part of a SLI group or team or been introduced to its methods for developing spiritual leaders and leading ministries into new and fruitful seasons, here is some background and information.


Spiritual Leadership Inc. (SLI), focuses on developing spiritual leaders who model a community that loves, learns and leads together,” according to Dr. Joe Geary, director of Connectional Ministries for the Memphis Conference.

The goal, he said, is to create environments that foster transformation and establish processes that bear fruit. An SLI team first grows in its faithfulness to God and one another, and then its fruitfulness for God.

Many teams employ the SLI approach to ministry because they are aware of a problem, explained Geary. They know their church or ministry needs to do something different and they are willing to do whatever is required for change.

From his work on several SLI teams and observing SLI teams at work, Geary said he has noticed these disciplined teams come to unlearn bad habits and practices that have developed over time and adopt new, more fruitful, habits and practices, based on Biblical principles.
The SLI meeting approach is based on the “L3 concept” of loving, learning and leading – and it includes an accountability component for members of the team or group. SLI is designed for clergy and laity, and is intended to be generative. A member of one SLI team becomes equipped to spin off other SLI teams and groups for other purposes.

“True spiritual leadership comes about when we focus on deep change within ourselves,” said Geary. “The ultimate goal of all our SLI teams is greater vitality and spiritual renewal for the Memphis Conference." 


For more information about Spiritual Leadership, Inc., and the SLI process in the Memphis Conference, contact Geary at 731-664-8480 or, OR visit the SLI website at The website includes information about the SLI organization, its philosophy, projects, services and resources.