8 foundational ministry certifications start Jan. 20; they are practical, affordable and offered online


Eight practical ministry certifications that can help equip persons in leadership positions in faith communities are available from the Institute for Discipleship

These certifications start on Jan. 20, 2020, and are designed to give laity affordable and accessible foundations for ministry.

Certifications are available in:

  • Children’s Ministry 
  • Christian Care and Counseling
  • Evangelism
  • Rural Ministry
  • Serving Those With Disabilities
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Women's Ministry
  • Youth Ministry
Each certification consists of four pay-as-you-go online courses, each $125. Students receive over 20 weeks of small-group instruction for a total of $500. The youth ministry certification adds a 12-week practicum led by Youth Ministry Institute for an additional $325. The certifications are split evenly between Biblical and theological instruction and practical, on-the-ground skills. 
A United Methodist emphasis may be added to any certification with one additional course in United Methodist Studies. 
More info on these certification programs may be at https://www.beadisciple.com/ifd-certifications/.