Rev. Richard Smith launches new ministry in Memphis: 'Urban Ministry Initiative'


Urban Ministry Initiative is current ministry project of Rev. Richard Smith, above, who retired as senior pastor of Germantown United Methodist Church on Jan. 1.

Urban Ministry Initiative (UMI) is the name of a ministry launched this year by Rev. Richard Smith after he retired Jan. 1 as senior pastor of Germantown United Methodist Church in Germantown, Tennessee.

According to UMI’s website at, UMI is a “focused effort to galvanize more attention and action toward the inner city needs of Memphis and Shelby County.”
It “connects with frontline inner city and urban outreach ministries in Memphis” to “help the impoverished, disadvantaged and those in need in our city.”
The website continues, “There are vast hurting people in our area and more needs to be done to address the critical issues and to help the very real needs the disadvantaged have. Just as there are profound needs, there are many frontline efforts in place which deserve support. Our goal is to actively discern and communicate the needs, the notable efforts, and how to make a real difference. At the heart of our work is the call of Jesus to extend real compassion and caring action for those who suffer.”
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Smith also has begun a publishing “Spiritual Enrichment Resources” with all proceeds going to help support UMI, he reports.

Below are books Smith is selling to support UMI:

  • "Insights From The Book Of Acts" 
  • "Journey With Jesus:  A Spiritual Walk With The Master" 
  • "Great Prayers Of The Christian Faith:  The Lord's Prayer and The Serenity Prayer". 
  • "Insights From The Old Testament:  Genesis-Exodus" (available late October)
For more information about UMI, visit the website at or email Smith at