Online trainings help foster faith in young adults


Foster a sense of purpose and call in your young people with the $45 online class “Culture of the Call: Congregational Life.” 

Every person is called to serve God in their own unique way. Any layperson or clergyperson may enroll in this $45 online class and learn practical ideas for creating a call-friendly culture in a church.

Learn what other churches are doing. Share your own experiences. Make connections with area camps and campus ministries.

Or, be a mentor to young people and learn how to have conversations with them about faith and calling in the “Timothy Circle Mentor Training” online course, also $45.  

One does not have to have all the answers. Simply being a listening ear and a sounding board with years of life experience can mean the world to a young person in a church or community.

Both courses are a part of the Timothy Circle program, which brings all parts of the church together to support young Christians hear and follow God’s voice, and are available at is one of several programs of the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College, a United Methodist institution in Winfield, Kansas.