Now available: 2020 charge conference forms for 2019 charge conference season


An inventory of 2020 charge conference forms for the 2019 charge conference season of the Memphis Conference of The United Methodist Church is now available for easy download. 

All four districts of the Memphis Conference are requiring all forms this charge conference season. For questions, additional instructions and schedules, contact your district office.
 Below are links to forms you will need as applicable to your church/charge:

  • 2019 Charge Conference Checklist | Click Here
  • 2019 Minutes of the Charge Conference | Click Here
  • 2019 Minutes of the Charge Conference Instructions | Click Here
  • 2019 Affidavit of Approval | Click Here
  • 2019 Ministry Narrative/Goals | Click Here
  • 2019 Report of the Pastor (including state-of-the-church narrative | Click Here
  • 2019 Continuing Formation Report for Pastors | Click Here
  • 2019 Report of the Trustees | Click Here
  • 2019 Report of Committee on Membership Audit to Charge Conference | Click Here
  • 2019 Report of the Finance Committee | Click Here
  • 2020 Charge Wide PPRC-Trustees Committee Report | Click Here
  • Brick River data base printout of "2020 Church Leaders" (preferred over paper copy of Local Church Official form). If Brick River has not been updated, use the 2020 Local Church Officials Report | Click Here
  • Certified Lay Servant Annual Report (if applicable) | Click Here
  • Certified Lay Minister Annual Report (if applicable) | Click Here
  • 2020 Memphis Clergy Compensation Package fillable | Click Here
  • 2020 Memphis Clergy Compensation Package non-fillable | Click Here
  • PPRC Recommendation & Continuation of Candidacy Report (if applicable) | Click Here
  • Candidacy Charge Conference Recommendation Form (if applicable) | Click Here
  • 2019 Parsonage Inspection Report (if applicable)| Click Here
  • 2019 Parsonage Standards Report (if applicable) | Click Here
  • Reading Program for Public Schools Report | Click Here
  • Wespath UMPIP Contribution Form for clergy wanting to begin UMPIP contributions OR make changes to their UMPIP contributions. Not needed by clergy not making any changes to current contributions. | Click Here​
  • Appointment to Extended Report | Click Here
For future reference and fast access, find a link to this same information under “Quick Links” in the top left corner of the home page of this website:

Questions about the Brick River Dashboard / Database should be directed to one's district office.