Memphis Conference DEADLINEs


Check back often for new deadlines.
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September 3: Deadline to register for Sept. 20-22 Clergy Spouse Retreat in Beersheeba Springs, TN | DETAILS
September 10: Deadline to register for 2019-20 Academy of Leadership and Coaching for Local Pastors | DETAILS
September 13: Deadline to apply for two programs from Council of Bishops: 2020 local initiatives grants for groups & scholarship to Ecumenical Institute in Switzerland for United Methodist young adults. |  Read press release  |  Apply for grants  |  Apply for scholarship 
September 15: Deadline for worship groups and liturgists to apply for opportunities to participate in 2020 General Conference | DETAILS
September 16: Deadline to register for Oct. 7-8 Memphis Conference Retirees' Reunion at Lakeshore Camp and Retreat Center in Eva, TN | DETAILS
September 18: Deadline to submit petitions for consideration by 2020 General Conference | DETAILS
October 16: Deadline for Memphis Conference churches, agencies and ministries to submit 2019 gift-giving opportunities for the Memphis Conference 2019 online alternative Christmas Gift Catalog | DETAILS
October 28: Deadline to register for Nov. 3-6 Wonder, Love & Praise clergy renewal retreat at Lakeshore Camp and Retreat Center | DETAILS