Germantown United Methodist Church shares its virtual tour video about symbols of worship


This stock image shows the sanctuary of Germantown United Methodist Church.

By Donna Haley
Chairperson, Christian Education Committee

Germantown United Methodist ChurchGermantown, TN

The Christian Education Committee at Germantown United Methodist Church implements Christian educational programs each year in support of our "Faith Seeking Understanding" series. Launched in 2016, one of the guiding principles for "Faith Seeking Understanding" is to develop and host a periodic, ongoing speaker series, geared toward Germantown United Methodist members and the community at large.

The series focuses on how to interpret and apply Biblical truths to current events that shape our lives and the world in which we live.The committee believes periodic renewal enhances our spiritual lives, just like it does our minds and bodies.These are typically opportunities for our church members and friends to gather in person to learn together.

The 2020-2021 theme for "Faith Seeking Understanding" is Worship.  The first presentation in this series was on March 5 with Dr. Michael K. Turner, associate professor at Memphis Theological Seminary, lecturing on “What is Christian Worship and Why Do Christians Worship as We Do?” Dr. Turner discussed worship in the Wesleyan spirit with special attention paid to early Methodist worship roots.

The second installment in the series was to have been Aug. 26, with a lecture and tour of the church's sanctuary with Rev. Dr. Erin Beasley, associate pastor at GUMC. She was to discuss “Symbols of Worship,” but the pandemic changed the way we could deliver the presentation. So the Christian Education Committee came up with another way to have our sessions.

Our solution was to provide a Worship Symbols Week, introducing one video each day of the week (Monday-Friday), with each focused on specific symbols of worship. The committee is grateful to Dr. Beasley for her commitment to this project, willingness to complete the required research and develop the content for the video presentations. We also sincerely appreciate the support of the music ministry and church staff who contributed their time and talents to help educate others about the symbols of worship in The United Methodist Church. 

Posting this video collection enables us to reach more people and allows other groups to utilize this medium for educational purposes, such as membership classes, Sunday school classes or for personal study at one’s convenience. We think the innovative presentations and timeless quality of the videos make them helpful for any United Methodist Church. 

The worship symbols videos are available for viewing HERE. I invite you to view each one and invite others to view and share.