Exercise program at El Redentor UMC targets women of Hispanic community it serves in Memphis


El Redentor UMC in Memphis (which uses space at Asbury UMC in Memphis) is offering an exercise program for women of the Hispanic community it serves. (Submitted photo)

El Redentor UMC in Memphis, Tennessee, is now offering its congregation worship opportunities, fellowship -- and workout routines.

The church, one of three that make up the Southeast Memphis Cooperative parish in the Metro McKendree District, began sponsoring an exercise program after several female members wanted to help women of the Hispanic community stay fit and healthy. 

El Redentor Pastor Rev. Luz Campos said Biridiana Duran and Rafael Miranda from Methodist Hospital in Memphis lead the exercise and nutrition program called “Get Set.” 

“Get Set was created to prevent chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and mental illnesses caused by stress and anxiety,” Campos explained.

Duran and Miranda began the exercise regimen on March 28 in the Asbury UMC parking lot. (El Redentor meets at Asbury UMC.) The health workers planned to meet with participants two hours per day five days per week for 10 weeks. Campos said other medical professionals from Methodist Hospital volunteer and support the program, as well.

Dr. Cynthia Davis, Metro McKendree District superintendent, dropped by the church recently to check out the program. She said she saw 60 people exercising in the parking lot.

“It is the butterfly effect of how lives are being changed because one person (Rafael) decided to do something to positively affect the community, and it has taken off!,” said Davis. “Now families and their children are trying to live healthier lives.”