Earn donations for your church via UMC Market


The UMC Cash Back Market allows you to shop at thousands of retailers and earn cash back for your church. There are no fees. Commissions are paid from retailers to churches each month.


First - Be sure to sign up at UMCmarket.org - shop hundreds of retailers you already know and love - earn cash back for your ministry! If you've already done that, be sure to: 
  1. Assign someone to automatically receive printable checks by email each month.
  2. Make church purchases using the mall! Whether you are buying coffee supplies or printer ink, utilize the mall for instant savings. You will also earn a percentage of your total spend for your ministry while shopping. Check out the new “Church Supplies” category.
  3. Download bulletin graphics from the mall FAQs and invite members to use UMCmarket.org to make personal and office purchases.
  4. If you use Scrip, be sure to let members know that the church benefits once with the Scrip sale and again when those gift cards are redeemed when shopping through the mall.

Questions? Email lisa@umcmarket.org