Creation Care Comes Together


Photo: Creation Care ministry members from both sides of the river joined together for a retreat in September.

Fourteen leaders from Western Tennessee and Kentucky and Middle Tennessee convened at a retreat on September 18 to converse on how best to merge our Creation Care ministries. The site of the retreat was the beautiful Lakeshore campground.

The first item of discussion was defining the mission of the ministry. The focus was on a fully Wesleyan approach to caring for God’s creation. The ministry is intended to be fully rooted in scripture and in our tradition.  We also hope to be a catalyst and support for local ministries on the ground. A mission statement was drafted to embrace this approach.

The team then broke out into 3 groups. One focused on refining the mission statement. The second focused on considering the leadership structure of the ministry. The third group focused on practical next steps. The full group will reconvene on zoom to consider being very intentional in including both ethnic and racial diversity as well as being intentional in including rural congregations in the ministry.

There was a lot of interest in launching the ministry with a summit once it is possible to do larger in-person gatherings. There was also considerable interest in practical activities like countywide electronic recycling days. They also discussed the value of creation care in addressing the concerns of areas in our two states that are increasingly abandoned by the mainstream economy.

The group left the retreat with a lot of hope for the potential of this important ministry. If you have a particular interest in this ministry and would like more information feel free to contact Dan Joranko at