Concord UMC in Paducah, KY, far surpasses challenge to raise money for Harvey storm survivors


Maggie Emerson, a junior at Rice University in Houston, Texas, indirectly helped motivate her father's church in Paducah, Kentucky, to raise $4,000 for Harvey survivors. Her presence in the place where the storm came ashore helped personalize the need. Maggie is standing on the balcony of Rice University's Duncan College. (Submitted photo)

By Lane Gardner Camp, Director of Communications, Memphis Conference

Rev. Dean Emerson says he “underestimated” his Paducah, Kentucky, congregation.
Last week he challenged members of Concord United Methodist Church (UMC) to raise $650 for Harvey storm survivors.
After the money was counted this past Sunday, the church had raised “a few cents over $4,000,” Emerson reported.
Emerson first reached out to his congregation with a picture of his daughter, Maggie, a junior at Rice University in Houston, where Hurricane Harvey came ashore in late August.
Among other things, Emerson told how the city was affected, what the school was doing to take care of students and that Maggie was volunteering to help with cleanup.
Emerson set what he called “a very achievable goal” of $650 because that is the cost of assembling 10 UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) cleaning buckets.
Concord UMC surpassed its challenge goal -- six times over.
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