Who said it? Here's a short QUOTES QUIZ from 2017 Memphis Annual Conference


The 2017 Memphis Annual Conference ended Tuesday, June 6, after three days of worship, teaching sessions, business and celebrations of accomplishments.
If you were in attendance at Collierville United Methodist Church in Collierville, Tennessee OR watched via live stream OR have since viewed archived video, see if you remember who made the following statements.
QUOTES – Who said it? 

  1. “To be a disciple is not just to be apprenticed to Jesus, but sent by Jesus.” 
  2. “Being sent by Jesus in Christ-like peace is to offer words of comfort and speak of the mercy of God.” 
  3. “If (your) sanctuary is too pretty to get messy, you might ask yourself if it’s a sanctuary.” 
  4. “They blessed me. I am grateful for them. God does not allow any witness to be wasted in the economy of His kingdom.” 
  5. “God will show us the way” and “I’m going to be part of the family of God that does not lose heart.” 
  6. “Walk in a way that is worthy of your calling” by realizing the life of a minister in The United Methodist Church is “a marathon, not a sprint” and that this point is “the beginning” of a “rich life.” 
  7. “God’s love “makes sense out of nonsense,” turns “nothing to something” and transforms “death to life.” 
  8. “Get out of the church whenever possible” and “meet people where they are.” 
  9. “Eliminate “apportionment” from (your) vocabulary and use the word “tithe.” 
  10. “Teaching what you know” about God is how to become a "reproductive church." 
ANSWERS - That's who said it.
  1. Bishop Bill McAlilly during his “Sent to Serve” message on Sunday
  2. Rev. Randy Cooper during the opening worship service on Monday
  3. Rev. Johnny Jeffords during the model service of recovery on Monday
  4. Dr. David Comperry during the memorial worship service on Monday
  5. Bishop Bill McAlilly during Monday's remarks about the Commission on a Way Forward and 2019 General Conference
  6. Bishop Bill McAlilly during the service of licensing, commissioning and ordination on Tuesday
  7. Rev. Scott Chrostek during his teaching sessions on Tuesday
  8. Rev. Scott Chrostek during his teaching sessions on Tuesday
  9. David Hayes about the new income-based tithe for churches that was voted on Tuesday, June 6, to replace conference apportionments
  10. Frank Holbrook during the laity luncheon on Tuesday
 To learn more about what was said and the contexts of these quotes, CLICK HERE to read wrap-up story of the 2017 Memphis Annual Conference.

~Compiled by Lane Gardner Camp, Director of Communications, Memphis Conference