Campus ministry at U of M adopted by Faith Circle of Germantown UMC's 'United Methodist Women'


By. Rev. Rick Pinkston
Wesley Foundation
University of Memphis

About a year ago, the United Methodist Women of Germantown United Methodist Church in Germantown, Tennessee, saw the need to establish a new Circle. This new group chose the name "Faith" to identify themselves and their work. 

As part of a circle’s order, the group chooses a particular ministry outside its local church to support. The Faith Circle chose the Wesley Foundation campus ministry at the University of Memphis

Faith Circle immediately joined a roster of local church groups that provide meals to students as part of Tuesday evening worship and fellowship.
Faith Circle has also donated money to help underwrite the work of the Wesley Foundation. Most recently, the circle made a year-end missional gift of over $3,200.
Such a donation makes a big difference in the witness the Wesley Foundation is making in the university setting.

We encourage other church groups to follow the leadership of the Faith Circle and help underwrite the vital work of reaching out to young adults in the name of Jesus Christ.
For more information about the Wesley Foundation campus ministry at the University of Memphis: