BMCR 54th General Meeting



You may register by mail or via the website and pay online. 

To the beloved family and friends of God, 
Greetings of grace and peace to you. It is with great joy and grateful hearts that we share that the 54th General Meeting of Black Methodists for Church Renewal, Inc. (BMCR) will be a virtual gathering of our members, partners, supporters and friends on the evening of Friday, March 19, 2021 and the afternoon to evening of Saturday, March 20, 2021. This year, BMCR will be convened under the theme - “Racism: The Unfinished Agenda. BMCR Calls Our Church to Fulfill its 1968 Promise.” In addition to the 54th General Meeting in March 2021, BMCR will offer 5 more learning opportunities in conjunction with our jurisdictional caucuses in the months following the General Meeting. These additional BMCR and jurisdictional caucuses sponsored 90 minute learning opportunities will continue the critical conversations that impact our people, communities and churches as well as our denomination and world.
We ask that you mark your calendars and save these dates. Also, we invite you to register now for what will prove to be engaging and empowering sessions at our 54th General Meeting and the jurisdictional learning events. In fact, why don’t you stop what you are doing, go to our website at and make sure you are part of this year’s BMCR meetings. Please note that for a registration fee of $250.00 you can participate in all of this year’s offerings.
Please be advised that upon confirmation of your paid registration, GNTV will provide you with your unique, personal link to join the 54th General Meeting. This link will be associated with your personal registration email address and is not shareable or transferable.
If you are a Sponsor, the following information is for you:
As a sponsor, you will have the opportunity to address the attendees at our 54th General Meeting in March as well as at the 5 jurisdictional learning opportunities in the months that follow, in a taped presentation.
We anticipate that because of how the General Meeting and the learning opportunities are structured, more than 500 persons will participate in our events. And we recognize that you do not want to miss the chance to let others know of your values as well as valuable ministry and mission. Please find enclosed is the complete registration packet for our upcoming 54th General Meeting along with the sponsorship form.
Take the time now to complete the enclosed sponsorship form and return to BMCR, Inc. via our online registration process on our website at
We thank you for taking time to read and consider all that BMCR, Inc. is offering and providing this year. We hope you will join us in the important work that God continues to call us to.
Rev. Antoine Love, Chairperson
Deborah E. Bass, Vice Chairperson/Programs
653 Beckwith Street, SW @ Gammon Theological Seminary *P.O. Box 92007 Atlanta, GA 30314 *Phone: 470-428-2251 *Website: