Scenic Hills UMC 'Jimmy Do Gooders' had ‘grate’ summer of community projects in north Memphis


Assorted photos show "Jimmy Do Gooders" from Scenic Hills UMC at work this summer. (Photos from the church's newsletter)

Scenic Hills United Methodist Church (UMC) in Memphis, Tennessee, continues its history of caring for the community with a list of summer projects from the "Jimmy Do Gooders" outreach team.

Scenic Hills UMC member Collins Dillard reported on the Jimmy Do Gooders’ summer mission work in the Aug.-Sept. issue of The Scene, the church newsletter.

The team’s summer mission involved keeping neighborhood drainage grates clear of debris. Clearing the grates helps the flow of water during heavy rains and prevents flooding. 

The Jimmy Do Gooders were formed 15 years ago as an outreach for junior youth at Scenic Hills UMC. The team comprises a mixed group of church members and non-members, all working side by side to improve the north Memphis neighborhood.

In addition to hours of raking grates, the Jimmy Do Gooders have also revived the Sparrow Ministry, which involves building bird feeders for neighbors as reminders of God’s provision. Scenic Hills UMC member Bill Leake volunteers his woodworking skills for the project.

The Jimmy Do Gooders also worked in the community garden to learn about sowing and the power of a good seed. The garden, directed by Scenic Hills UMC member John Shanley, provides nutritious food for neighboring churches and people in need.

“Remember that mustard seed Jesus talked about?” Dillard asked. “Faith can do wonders. The good works of the Jimmy Do Gooders faith and action team is making a difference in the hearts and minds of folks in Scenic Hills.”