Let's plan an event to celebrate The Lambuth Connection


By Steven Fonville
Chaplain, Lambuth University

 Dear Friends,
I take great pleasure in sending you my warmest greetings from Lambuth University.
As you are well aware, this past year has presented the faculty, staff, and student body with unprecedented challenges. Yet, today I look across the quad from my office and see long-time faculty strolling to the dining hall. Students chat at the Eickoff Plaza. The sound of the Concert Choir rehearsing adds the refrain of youth to the chorus of cicadas singing in the coming Fall. 
Lambuth continues on! The great educational outreach of our Memphis Conference, that was founded over 166 years ago, continues its task of training leaders for our church and world to pursue … “whatsoever things are true.”
We are still here, in large part, due to the Lambuth connection with the Memphis Annual Conference and your local churches continued support. It is no overstatement to say that without your help during this past year the historical connection our conference holds to the sacred calling of education, may well have been only a memory of a once fruitful ministry. As the faculty, staff, and students continued to believe in a better future for Lambuth, it has been your gifts, your prayers, and your willingness to be involved, that have become the substance of things hoped for.
It is our hope that we can continue to foster a Lambuth connection to your church. Already the Entertainment/Music Industry Studies professors are filling their fall schedule with dates for student Praise Ensembles to lead worship in local churches. The Lambuth choir has begun to schedule dates to lead worship. The University’s Religion professors are sharing thanks with the conference on Lambuth’s behalf and are spreading the word about our forth coming Religion and Christian Ministries Major, a new degree that will train students in evangelism, worship, apologetics, and youth and children’s ministry.
This year instead of simply taking a day, Lambuth Day, where Lambuth has traditionally been recognized in the churches, we want to celebrate, highlight, and offer the ways in which Lambuth can be connected to your church over an extended period of time.
Though our staff and faculty have been pared down, due to the economic crunch, we would like the opportunity to share the gifts your faithful connection has endowed us to nurture. Throughout this academic year we would like to coordinate a day to celebrate The Lambuth Connection.
Contact me, and we will begin to plan an event to celebrate The Lambuth Connection – a connection that has helped to cultivate conference leaders for generations--The Lambuth Connection that you and your churches continue to nurture and that will bear the fruit of new leadership and faithfulness for ages to come. I look forward to hearing from you soon.
Contact Fonville at (731)425-3340 or fonville@lambuth.edu.