'I'm not a post-person at 75'


By Luci Cromer
Older Adult Coordinator

We always ask the men and women who attend our Older Adult Seminar one question: What was the best part of the day for you? The answer is usually split equally between the speakers and the roundtable discussions. This time, we were overwhelmed with good comments about our speaker, Marvin Cropsey. Here are a few of the remarks:
“Marvin was responsible for changing this day and the future for me.”
“Marvin caused us to face reality in our seniority and accept our spirituality with God.”
“This workshop reinforced my belief that I’m not a post-person at 75.”
“I reflected on memories I hadn’t thought of for years—parts of our life that make us what we are.”
“His lecture left me in questioning mode—made us really think and delve into ourselves.”
“We can make a difference in the future and be confident in our future.”
“This excellent speaker gave us great insight on being an older adult.”
“Speaker gave us a whole new way to think of older adults and ourselves.”
“Inspirational, I’m alive—how can God use me?”
After reading these comments and many more, I felt really humbled that something we had planned could make such a difference to people. •