UMNS Open House and Annual Meeting reveal love


Sunday, April 19, was a great day for the “Home Team.”

The home team, which is made up of the United Methodist Neighborhood Centers’ Board of Directors, Key Women, staff, volunteers, clergy and laity of the Memphis Conference and guests, rejoiced with the more than 75 others who enriched the experience. 
The Walnut Grove UMNC site was attractively clean and elegant from the outside lawn to the third floor.
The Key Women had different foods and drinks on all three floors; guests were assisted by assigned tour guides. 
Vice President Tene’ Lewis made an excellent elevator operator. Colorful balloons bobbled at all entrances. 
Welcome tables with guest sign-in books and ferns dignified the occasion for guests who came in blessed by reprieves from intermittent rain showers. 
Key Women President Sharon Lockhart was all smiles. UMNC Chairman Carl Carter later opened the Annual Meeting with a well received, “We have been blessed by God with a beautiful day and the results of hard work on the part of many people.” 
Executive Director, Chaplain Elvernice “Sonny” Davis, explained how each member of the clergy and the laity has revealed a love affair with UMNC and therefore volunteered labor, material resources, and money to secure the relationship. 
A note was made that the ultimate one to receive the praise is Jesus because UMNC works out of Matthew 25:31-46.
The recipients of this 102- year-old agency benefit from those inspired to “help those who need a helping hand.” 
The guests were invited to get Kroger Cards from Key Women and also shop from “www.good” after typing in United Methodist Neighborhood Centers (UMNC) as their favorite charity. 
Sharon Lockhart and Sharon Cornelius received the Elizabeth Poole Volunteer of the Year Award. Charles Shaw, Chief Finance Officer, received a retirement gift after 18 years of service. •