Dyersburg District church 'springs into action'


By Pat Edmundson

On a beautiful Saturday morning, the Saturday before Easter, some of the members of Christ United Methodist Church in the Dyersburg District were joined by a group of volunteers from other United Methodist churches who gathered with a mission. It was called “Spring Into Action.”
This was the plan: A late breakfast, a time of prayer and instruction, the assigning of roads with handy maps, and then everyone was ready to “Go.”
But, before “Go,” lots of planning, praying, and preparation had been done.
Actually, the seed had been planted by our District Superintendent Stan Waldon over a year ago. He met with pastor Jerry Edmundson and some interested members. After that, things were on “Go”. We were going to canvass the surrounding community to let people know that God’s people really do care. 
Yes, the plan was to “Go.” Teams of two were to visit the homes on their assigned road and ask the people they met to answer a three to five minute survey regarding their church attendance, their opinion of stress in the world today, how churches can help families and individuals deal with this stress, what they look for in a church, what we could pray for in their lives, and whether or not they had an increase of interest in spiritual matters.
The church members had already put together a “greeting bag” with the church’s name, address and phone number on it, and a big “We Care About You” on the front. 
The bag included a heart-shaped refrigerator magnet and an ink pen, both with the church name, address and phone number; and also a little church brochure with times of worship, our upcoming Easter Egg Hunt, and a note from the pastor. All this was to be given to each household.
Over 100 homes found out that the people at Christ United Methodist do care.
The comments of those visited varied. Some didn’t have much time on a Saturday morning for a visit and survey, but only a few. Some, of course, were not at home. Many were grateful that we were reaching out to the community and offering support. Some were in emotional need, and received prayer on the spot.
Still others shared their deepest feelings, needs and hurts. We prayed with some. We cried with some. Seeds were planted. God is watering. We’re praying for the harvest.
It was special to heed the call for His Kingdom and “Go.” •