Forum in Brazil gave hope to Memphis woman


In January, Lisa Archer, a member of Germantown United Methodist Church and a director of the Women’s Division of the General Board of Global Ministries, traveled to the World Social Forum 2009 in Brazil. She was accompanied by another director, Yuland Daley, along with two women from the United Nations.

Archer said, “We had a National Geographic Kodak experience with the Indigenous people of the Amazon. They were present to enter into discussions about the deforestation of the Amazon Forest and land issues.
“I have to tell you, attending the Forum was the culmination of so many of my personal prayers surrounding the humanity of mankind, the inherent goodness of people everywhere in spite of color, gender, nationality, and religious affiliation. There was the love of God in the eyes of everyone I met. The theme of the Forum was ‘Another World is Possible’ and I believe it is so true.”
Archer continued, “The Lord’s Prayer could be seen there in real life where it truly was on earth as it is in heaven. There was peace, tranquility, sharing of ideas, expressing disagreements in an effort to find a peaceful solution to problems including sustainable agriculture, peace, poverty, environmental issues, capitalism, exploitation of peoples and land.
“The newspaper there reported there were 92,000 registered to attend and the March on the opening day was an amazing combination of Carnival, Mardi Gras and Washington rallies all mixed together. We walked with fellow travelers from Chile, Palestine, Ecuador, Switzerland, London, and people who were members of Greenpeace. We were all enjoying the music, the walk towards hope, and felt confident that another world is possible.” •