Sally Morgenthaler to keynote Annual Conference 2009


By Cathy Farmer

Passionate Worship will permeate Annual Conference 2009. From the opening worship service at 7pm on Sunday evening, May 31, to the closing service at 7pm on Tuesday, June 2, conference members will experience new ways of worshipping that re-connect God’s work outside the building with what happens inside.
Leading the conference in three innovative worship workshops and worship experiences on Sunday and Monday will be Sally Morgenthaler, a woman who has been a major influence in the worship world for fifteen years.
Best known for her book, Worship Evangelism, her current work focuses on worship as “the work of the people”: do-able worship innovation and change.
Morgenthaler is also at the forefront of the worship and community connection, bringing the stories of our communities into the experience of God together. She is presently an adjunct professor at Fuller, George Fox, and Asbury seminaries, and speaks at conferences around the country.
As Ms. Morgenthaler said, “Passionate worship comes out of passionate living. New techniques and styles can be critical, but they’re only band-aids if worship has become disconnected from the lives we lead everyday.
“How do we re-connect the dots between God’s work outside the building with what we do on Sunday? How do we unleash the energy, innovation, and resources that are right under our noses? And how can we celebrate in our own, “neighborhood” voice, singing the song of grace in a way that is uniquely ours to sing?”
Those questions will be answered at Annual Conference 2009. The worship experiences are open to all who want to make the worship in their churches more relevant, more connected, and more passionate.
If you want your church to worship more passionately, plan to make the trip to Jackson to take part in the worship workshops so that you can bring it back to your local church. •