Nurse writes book to help parents of special needs children


Lisa Barron, a nurse at Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital, never imagined her nursing skills would become essential in taking care of one of her own children.

Her daughter, Madison, a special needs child, was just four years old when she passed away in 1999. During her short life, Barron relied on her nursing skills to help take care of her daughter who had numerous medical issues, including the need to be on a ventilator.
“Being a nurse made me much more comfortable taking care of my daughter,” said Barron. “I had to suction her trache and work with a feeding tube. Someone who does not have that medical background can find these types of issues quite intimidating.”
Barron has written a book, Precious in His Sight, through which she hopes to help parents of other special needs children by sharing some of the lessons she has learned from her daughter along with providing practical tips for living with a special needs child.
One of the biggest lessons Barron says she learned from her daughter is unconditional love. “Madison gave me such unconditional love. She accepted everyone and it made me really stop and think why can’t I offer that type of unconditional love to others.”
Barron also discusses how family and friends can help and be supportive and she reminds parents to find joy in their child’s achievements whether it be a smile or just their baby cooed today.
It took Barron six and a half years to write her book. You can find copies at the gift shop at Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital and local book stores.