2021 UMW Spiritual Growth Retreat


Memphis Conference UMW

2021 Spiritual Growth Retreat

Theme: Worry Less, Live More

April 16-17

Come one, come all!

This is Pat Dunker, and I’m the registrar for the 2021 Spiritual Growth Retreat at Lakeshore. And I’ve got a great idea for group attendance! Due to covid restrictions, we’re only allowed 5 people per room in the Calhoun Lodge and Hopper Lodge. 
What does that mean for you? Send in 5 registrations from your church and/or district, and you’ve got a lodge room to yourselves! Send in 10 – and it’s the whole floor! 
Or you may want a cabin.. cabins will be only 6 per cabin. Want one for just your group? Send us 5 or 6 registrations and you’ve got one to yourselves.
How Fun! You’ve still got all the fellowship to be found during the day, and you’ll have your friends with you at night! 
Send them in now – you have until April 2. Lakeshore is all sanitized and waiting for us!
We’ll see you April 16!
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