2021 'Lenten Hunger Offering' is set for Feb. 17 through April 4 with funds to be remitted by April 30


By Dr. Gary Morse, Pastor
Lambuth Memorial United Methodist Church, Jackson, TN
Chair, Memphis Conference Lenten Hunger Offering

MATTHEW 25: 35  “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat…”
In 1983, the Memphis Conference of The United Methodist Church made a commitment to help alleviate suffering from hunger. The people have given generously. Thirty-eight years later, hunger is still a big problem in the world and in the United States. We cannot lessen our commitment to help the poor and suffering. 
As long as we have poor people in the world we will have hungry people. About 8.9% of the world’s population – 690 million people – go to bed on an empty stomach each night. The Sustainable Development Goal of ending hunger in the world by 2030 will likely not be met, even without considering the Covid-19 virus.  Estimates suggest an additional 83 million to 132 million people will be chronically hungry due to the pandemic. A healthy diet costs more than the international poverty line of $1.90/day. The Covid-19 pandemic also threatens to reverse decades of progress in the fight against global poverty. (Source: World Vision)
Feeding America projects more than 50 million Americans will have faced hunger in 2020 – up from around 35 million before the coronavirus pandemic. That translates to 1 in 6 people, including 1 in 4 children, experiencing food insecurity. Erica Yeager, chief external affairs officer for the North Texas Food Bank, said they're serving 10 million meals a month.

"History tells us that we can expect to see this elevated need for at least the next two years," she said.

Our efforts to alleviate suffering during 2021 will go to the following groups:

  • Global: Project Peanut Butter, Our Father’s House, Mexico Feeding Ministry partners
  • Conference: Reelfoot Rural Ministries,  United Methodist Neighborhood Centers of Memphis
  • Memphis Conference Districts: Metro, Mississippi River, Purchase, Tennessee River

Video: 2021 LHO VIDEO

2021 Calendar: Ledger Size | 2-Page Letter Size

Other Printable Materials: The usual assortment have not been created for 2021. The need for these materials was not anticipated before the onset of the 2020 pandemic that caused the postponement (from January 2021 to January 2022) of the launch of the future Tennessee Western Kentucky Conference. Churches have permission to use and adapt any materials from 2020. See links below.

  • Submit money to Memphis Conference Treasurer, PO Box 10677, Jackson, TN 38308-0111
  • Use Second Mile Giving on monthly remittance statement
  • Please note “Lenten Hunger Offering”        
  • Deadline to remit funds is April 30, 2021
The year 2021 is the last year of the Lenten Hunger Offering. The Memphis Conference will become a part of the future Tennessee Western Kentucky Conference in January 2022. Please consider giving generously to the Lenten Hunger Offering and help continue the legacy of commitment to alleviating hunger by the people of the Memphis Conference as we transition to a new organizational structure. 

The need is there. I pray that you will be there to help.


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Dr. Gary Morse | pastor@lmumc.net