End-of-year donations sought to benefit children at Christmas via Memphis Immigration Relief Fund


By Amy C. Moritz
amycmoritz@gmail.com | 901-463-0983

During this pandemic, immigrant families in Memphis, Tennessee, have been hit especially hard. Struggling in the best of times, these families have now been further devastated by job losses and difficulty accessing medical care, along with ongoing fear of deportation.

The Memphis Immigration Relief Fund is a coalition of local concerned citizens and churches that minister directly to immigrant communities, in this case mostly indigenous Guatemalans fleeing rampant gang violence, murders and kidnappings in their home country.

Since March of this year, with your generous help, we have raised more than $25,000, which we used to assist immigrant families with food and living expenses. We have also negotiated with landlords so families would not have to add homelessness to their long list of difficulties.

This holiday season, we want to partner with these families amidst their day-to-day focus on simply surviving and avoiding deportation by providing some of the simplest joys of Christmas to their children. This is where you come in.

Our goal is to give every family a $50 gift card for each child. Just $50 will be enough to buy the child a warm coat, perhaps a new school uniform, a few sweet treats and a book or toy. Imagine the joy in a parent’s heart to be able to provide this small escape from the fear and deprivation their children face daily. 

So won’t you sponsor a child or two as part of your end-of-year giving? You can even do it in honor of friends and loved ones. If you choose that option, we’ll mail an acknowledgement to your honoree.  Click here to fill out the form that let's us know to whom we should send the gift acknowledgement. 
DONATIONS can be made:

  • online via Trinity United Methodist Church’s PayPal account. Please be sure to use the drop down box to designate your donation for the Immigrantion Relief Fund. Of course, any amount is welcome and will be put to good use.
  • via mail. Please include "Immigration Relief" in the memo of the check and mail to Trinity United Methodist Church, 1738 Galloway Ave., Memphis, TN 38112. 
Thank you for your support, your care and your generosity.