Nashville Episcopal Area Disaster Response Ministry shares plans for response to Hurricane Florence


Oct. 10 UPDATE:

EARLY RESPONSE TEAMS (ERTs): The South Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church is now ready to receive and requesting Early Respons Teams (ERTs). They require that the team leader be ERT leader-trained. Contact Chuck Marshall at (864) 216-1876 or

Sept. 27 UPDATE: 
EARLY RESPONSE TEAMS (ERTs): The North Carolina Conference of The United Methodist Church is now ready to receive and requesting Early Response Teams (ERTs). At least one person on each team must be ERT-trained. Email or call the North Carolina Conference Disaster Call Center at 1-888-440-9167.

Sept. 17 UPDATE: 
RELIEF KITS: "The ongoing needs of recovery for North and South Carolina will continue for months to come. Memphis and Tennessee Conference Churches may begin to work on Health Kits and Cleaning Kits and store them in their own facilities for 30 days. There is no drop-off location at the present time since depot storage facilities are already at capacity. By Oct. 17, we will (announce) a central location and be able to receive kits."  ~ Rev. Robert Craig, Nashville Episcopal Area coordinator of Disaster Response Ministry,


Memphis & Tennessee Conferences
To South Carolina Conference
Dates: Nov. 25-30, 2018
Exact location and more details will be known as dates get closer.
ERT training/certification not required.
Cost: $250.00 per person (materials, housing and food)
More Info: Rev. Brian Stahl | | 731-592-8746


Below is some helpful information for United Methodist churches and individuals who want to help Hurricane Florence survivors.

The Memphis and Tennessee Conferences are working together via the Nashville Episcopal Area Disaster Response Ministry. This joint ministry began in January 2018.

For additional information as events might unfold related to Hurricane Florence, follow Memphis and Tennessee Conference communications:


>Pray for those whose lives are affected.

>Do not self-deploy. Wait for invitations to volunteer from disaster-affected areas.The affected area must first be able to house and feed volunteers. Invitations to respond with supplies or volunteers will come directly from staff in the affected United Methodist conferences. 

>Donate money. 

+Mail to conference treasurer's office and designate funds accordingly:  +Remit other ways to conference treasurer's office. | Designate #901670 U.S Disaster Response Advance and/or #901440 Material Resources Advance.
  • Memphis Conference - Send donations with church’s monthly conference tithe.
  • Tennessee Conference - Send donations with online apportionment payment: Click Here.
+Make online donations to United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR):  Financial donations, explaned Craig, "will be used to deploy material and human resources when the requests are made by our sisters and brothers in the areas impacted by the current hurricanes and tropical depressions threatening our coasts." 


For more information, contact Craig: