Project Transformation expands summer internship positions in Memphis; March 1 is deadline to apply


Intern Sharmaine Burton reads with children during “Bookworms” at Project Transformation’s summer day camp program at Centenary United Methodist Church in Memphis, Tennessee in 2017. (Submitted photo)

Project Transformation Tennessee (PT) seeks young adults eager to make an impact through leadership and service to apply for their summer internship.

Interns lead a summer day camp for children and youth, live in intentional community with other interns, learn from Christ-inspired church and community leaders, explore faith in action, and represent Project Transformation in the community.

With a new, third site projected for summer 2018 at Scenic Hills United Methodist Church in the Raleigh/Frayser community, PT is eager to raise up even more young leaders within the Memphis Conference.

Competitive applicants will be dynamic young people who desire to serve God and neighbor, believe in life beyond comfort zones, are willing to sit with the unknown, and have hope for a better world. Applicants must have completed one year of college or be at least 19 years old before the internship begins.

Compensation for Project Transformation Tennessee interns includes $2,000 pay, as well as room and board. The service term runs from May 25 to July 27, 2018. The deadline for applications is March 1, 2018.

For applications or more information, visit or contact Renee Dillard at or 901-567-8049.

From Lynn McAlilly: A Message about Project Transformation for the Memphis Conference

Project Transformation in the Memphis Conference is making a difference in the lives of our young adults.Often people mistakenly think about this ministry ONLY in terms of the impact on children and summer literacy. And that impact is great!

However, the impact on college students is remarkable as well. Lives are changed. Leadership skills are developed. Career paths are shaped. Calls to ministry are heard. How exciting to be able to be a part of raising up strong leaders for our churches and communities!
Although the summer program sites are located in Metro Memphis, this is NOT just a Metro Memphis ministry. This is a ministry of the whole Memphis Conference. Why? Because we can all be a part of providing this opportunity for our college students and making sure they know about this opportunity. We can all be a part of raising up leaders from within our Conference.
We need your help!  With the projected addition of a third site at Scenic Hills United Methodist Church in the Raleigh/Frayser area, we need more interns! 

Please make sure the college students in your churches and communities know about the Project Transformation Internship. You will be a part of helping them to hear God's call in their lives.  What a gift that will be!

~Lynn McAlilly, wife of Bishop Bill McAlilly

Project Transformation’s mission
is to engage young adults in
purposeful leadership and ministry,
support children in holistic development,
and connect churches with communities.