Google Business Apps


Business Apps for Nonprofits 

Google Apps for Business is donated to Memphis Conference by Google for a separate, branded application of their system.  Gmail hosts the conference email system (<yourname>  The other applications, similar to their public applications, provide additional security and consistency for conference-wide collaboration.

  • Google Business Apps is Available:  First Step is to Request your conference email address and login information.  Donated by Google to Memphis Conference, we all now have the features of this excellent suite of business apps available at no cost to provide our conference branded email and other services under the domain.

Guides, Tutorials and Other Information

Please send links to any materials you find useful about the Google Business Apps to  Thanks!


You may also register your church or other church related entity for a separate Google Apps for Nonprofits using the GCFA's EIN number.  See the UMITA resource information page for details.

Quick Reference


  • Users

    • All local church officials and staff
    • Clergy and spouses, retired and active
    • District and conference boards, agencies, committees
    • Episcopal office, conference and district staff
  • Login to Google Apps for Nonprofits 

    • Enter your complete email address and password at
    • Use the "Application Squares" to select specific programs
    • You can login simultaneously to your different conference and personal accounts.
  • Forgotten Password Retrieval

  • Registration

    • Contact Bill Lawson,, 270-527-8758.
    • You may request multiple accounts for church and individual use.
    • You may create multiple "aliases" for each account (ie info, office, etc.,) which will then be redirected to a specific account rather than creating additional accounts for these uses.
  • Key Features

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