Coordinator of Accessibility and Inclusivity Program


Organization: Baltimore-Washington Conference

City: Fulton

State: MD


The Accessibility and Inclusivity Program Coordinator (AIPC) supports the diversity and inclusion goals of the Baltimore-Washington Conference and is the organization’s advocate, internally and externally, for ensuring our churches are practicing inclusion, diversity, equity, and antiracism (IDEA). The AIPC will assess and evaluate all ministries related to IDEA throughout the Baltimore-Washington Conference, will conduct training in IDEA practices, and track results. This individual is also responsible for creating and maintaining relationships within episcopal area boundaries with state and local agencies, advocates, congregations, and schools, with the intent to build a pipeline of candidates for the AI program. The AI program ensures that persons with varied abilities (PWVAs) are included in all areas of the church and have training opportunities to reach ministry outcomes. These efforts will focus on increasing participation of PWVA within our congregations, boards and agencies, caucuses, and committees; and creating awareness of the organization’s diversity and inclusion initiatives to internal and external BWC members.

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