Director of the Nashville Area Office of Leadership Formation and Development (formerly known as the Office of Ministerial Concerns)


Contact: Alice Grunau, HR Specialist

Organization: Tennessee Conference of the UMC

Address 1: 304 S. Perimeter Park Dr.

City: Nashville

State: TN 37211

Phone: 615-3271162



The Director is an employee of the Tennessee Annual Conference, but oversees three primary areas of ministry for the Nashville Episcopal Area:

  • Operations of the Boards of Ordained Ministry of the Tennessee and Memphis Conferences
  • Clergy Development and Nurture
  • Lay Leadership Development
The Director oversees all aspects of the Office of Leadership Formation and Development, serving as the direct supervisor of the Assistant Director and Coordinator. The Director is the chief resource for the Nashville Area Boards of Ordained Ministry as well as the candidates/clergy of the Nashville Area. The Director serves as part of the Extended Cabinet of the Nashville Area and is the liaison between the Cabinet and the Nashville Area Boards of Ordained Ministry.
The Director also relates to the following groups/committees:  District Committee on Ministries, Connectional Ministry Teams, Youth and Young Adult Ministries, Offices of Administrative Services, Orders of Elders, Orders of Deacons, and Fellowships of Local Pastors and Associate Members in the Nashville Area.
Qualifications and Skills:
  • Articulation of faith:  Articulate and exhibit an intentional, growing faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Attention to detail:  Keep the larger picture in mind while tending to the smallest of details.
  • Communication Skills:  Able to communicate effectively both in spoken and written word and able to speak in a public forum.
  • Conference Requirements:  Will be required to submit to a background check and sign an acknowledgement of Personnel Policies of the Tennessee Conference.”
  • Initiative: Self-starter, action-oriented and energetic
  • Integrity and Trust: Is seen as trustworthy by others; practice direct, honest, and transparent communication
  • Interpersonal Skills:  Work well with people at all levels of the Nashville Area
  • Organizational Knowledge:  Knowledge about the structure and polity of the United Methodist Church
  • Strategic Planning:  Think critically and creatively about directions actions needed to set and accomplish long term goals overseen by the position.
  • Verbal Communication: Is able to deliver a message clearly, articulately and with appropriate emotion in a variety of settings; demonstrate communicate styles appropriate to the situation at hand; adjust the message, without losing the essence of the message, depending on the circumstances and the listener.
  • Written Communication: Is able to write clearly and succinctly; employ correct grammar, punctuation and patterns of speech; clearly delivers message in a tone appropriate to the context.
 Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Confidentiality: Understand that a staff member of the Office of Leadership Formation and Development is required to hold proceedings and personnel issues confidential as a sacred trust; demonstrate appropriate boundaries regarding access to email, records, and personal data.
  •  Helping Orientation: Demonstrate concern for and attend to the needs of the constituents of the Nashville Area Boards of Ordained Ministry 
  • Process Management: oversee and adapt processes necessary effectively and efficiently to accomplish the work of the Office of Leadership Formation and Development
  •  Priority Setting: calendar and process-conscious. Spend time and direct the time of others to what is important; quickly zone in on the critical issue and able to ignore or minimize distractions; sense what will help or hinder accomplishing a good; eliminate roadblocks; demonstrate focus. 
  • Boards of Ordained Ministry Duties:
    • Assist leaders of the Boards of Ordained Ministry in board business, correspondence, and report preparation.
    • Coordinate schedules, reports, and meeting arrangements.
    • Ensure maintenance of Nashville Area Boards of Ordained Ministry files
    • Along with the designated finance chairs of the Nashville Area Boards of Ordained Ministry, monitor the budget(s) of the Area Board of Ordained Ministry and manage reimbursements, process Ministerial Education Funds applications and track disbursements.
    • Serve as the central resource with any group, agency, and/or program that relates to the Nashville Area Boards of Ordained Ministry..
    • Assist in training new Board of Ordained Ministry members, mentors, and district committees on ordained ministry members. Prepare and maintain handbooks for training.
    • Ensure proper proctoring of psychological exams for clergy candidates.
  • Clergy Nurture and Development Duties
    • Develop strategies and programs to help churches and individuals discern calls to ministry.
    • Develop approaches to recruiting clergy and ministerial candidates for service in the Nashville Area.
    • Work with the Orders of Deacons and Elders and the Fellowship of Associate Members and Local Pastors to develop strategies and events for spiritual and professional formation.
    • Connect clergy to coaching and counseling resources when needed or requested by clergy or the supervisors.
  • Lay Leadership Development Duties
    • Work with Nashville Area Boards of Laity to develop lay leadership and connect lay people with ministry needs.
    • Work with existing programs such as the Generative Leadership Academy, the Turner Center for Church Leadership, and Memphis Conference Lay Leadership Development Teams to resource and develop leadership among laity
  • Travel to other conference locations in Middle Tennessee, West Tennessee, and Western Kentucky will be required.
 Education Requirements:
  • Master of Divinity (or its equivalent) is preferred but other theological degrees and/or years of experience may be considered.
  Job Type:   Full-time, exempt.  The compensation package includes salary, housing allowance (if appointed clergy), pension, health benefits and professional reimbursement account. 

Contact Information and Procedure to Apply:
 Qualified applicants, please send letter of interest and resume to