Church Organist


Contact: Nancy Smith

Organization: Somerville First UMC

Address 1: 202 S. East Street

City: Somerville

State: TN 38068

Phone: 9014652627


The organist is a committed a Christian disciple, demonstrates competency on organ, and demonstrates competency with piano. The organist possesses experience, dependability and the ability to work as a “team player” in a church setting, working with a variety of people including staff, musicians, and volunteers. The organist understands the importance of music as part of the church’s ministry, spiritual life and outreach. The organist reaches out to the staff, choir members, congregation and the community. The organist recognizes and facilitates the pastoral dimension of this position.

  • Meets regularly with the Pastor and Music Director to the facilitate collegiality in the music ministry.
  • Will provide organ music at the Sunday 10:55 a.m. service and assist in the selection appropriate music for each service.
  • Will provide organ music at all services as directed by the Music Director including but not limited to Christmas, Thanksgiving, Ash Wednesday, Easter, District Choir Festival, and Revival services.
  • Rehearses once a week (or as otherwise specified) with the chancel choir from the first week of January through the last week of December. During the summer months, music and rehearsal shall be provided as needed.
  • Cooperates with the Music Director in the area of general planning and leadership of the music program.
  • Reports to the Trustees on the condition and needs for the maintenance of the church’s musical instruments and communicates to the organ technician about necessary maintenance repairs for the next scheduled visit. The Church shall provide for the proper care of these instruments.
  • Will be considered to provide music at all weddings and funerals held in the sanctuary or other facilities of the Church. When the Organist is not available to play, he/she must give approval for substitute musicians to play the organ.

Permanent part-Time Exempt; after one year of employment, the Organist shall receive two (2) weeks paid vacation with two (2) Sundays off.

Organ: Moller Opus 11467, 2 manuals, 40 ranks, reeds shared, lovingly maintained.