Faith-based summer day camp is taking place at Mason United Methodist Church in Mason, TN


15 students are enrolled at faith-based summer day camp at Mason United Methodist Church. (Submitted photo)

GLEAM is the theme for a faith-based summer day camp taking place July 10-27 at Mason United Methodist Church in Mason, Tennessee.
GLEAM stands for “Growing, Learning, Expressing All of Me.”
According to Dr. Mark Matheny, retired Memphis Conference clergy and president of United Methodist Neighborhood Centers (UMNC) of Memphis, 15 students are enrolled with the support of 9 adult volunteers, directed by Sha’te Tolliver of Mason.
“This is the inaugural program of Mason Initiative in Mission (MIM), a broad-based coalition that grew out of Mason Caregivers, a Shalom Zone group involving eleven congregations of seven denominations,” reported Matheny.
United Methodists are very much in the lead,” he continued, with sponsorship of the day camp coming from the Metro District of the Memphis Conference and sanctioning under UMNC.
Other “generous support,” Mathey said, is being provided by Braden, Mason and Spirit of Truth UMCs in Mason and Covington First UMC in nearby Covington.

"Mason is one of the most impoverished towns in the country,” said Matheny, “but we are lifting up hope, starting with GLEAM's precious children."